Ryanair returning to Lux with Iberian flights

Photo by Portuguese Gravity on Unsplash 

Flights connecting Findel airport with Barcelona will recommence on 22 June, with Lisbon, Malta, Milan and Porto on 23 June, with Palma de Mallorca on 1 July, with London-Stansted and Madrid on 3 July, with Seville on 4 July, with Edinburgh on 5 July, and with Dublin on 3 August.

Ryanair flights to Budapest were scheduled to resume in November. No dates have been published for flights to Berlin and Toulouse.

Hélène Bégasse, a spokeswoman for the airline, stated in a press release issued on 15 June:

“We are proud to serve Luxembourg airport and we look forward to reuniting friends and families and bringing millions of tourists that will help boost regional economies and protect thousands of jobs.


“This is also an opportunity for those customers who had their Spring flights cancelled due to Covid travel restrictions, and that are looking to redeem their Ryanair vouchers now that Europe is open for holidays.”

Luxembourg’s commercial airport closed in late March due to the covid-19 crisis.

Luxair restored scheduled flights on 29 May and chartered holiday flights on 13 June. Lufthansa resumed Luxembourg flights on 15 June.