Salonkee scoops young entrepreneur prize

Tom Michels, pictured, is founder and CEO of Salonkee, a business for which he was awarded the CYEL prize on 25 November (Matic Zorman)

Tom Michels, pictured, is founder and CEO of Salonkee, a business for which he was awarded the CYEL prize on 25 November (Matic Zorman)

Tom Michels and Salonkee were crowned winners of the fourteenth edition of the Creative Young Entrepreneur Luxembourg competition on Wednesday.

The online booking platform beat Marzio Schena and ANote Music, as well as Marcin Kulik and Eiravato at the hybrid gala evening and awards ceremony hosted at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

Born in Luxembourg, 29-year-old Tom Michels is the co-founder and CEO of Salonkee, a growing start-up that offers to book a hair appointment or treatment in a specialised salon in just a few clicks. By January 2019, it had raised €1 million to ensure its international development. Salonkee also offers salon managers all-in-one solutions for managing diaries, payments, etc. This first prize, supported by BIL, will give the start-up new and attractive visibility.

The second prize, supported by Bonn Steichen & Partners, went to ANote Music and Marzio Schena. Founded in 2018, ANote Music proposes to bridge the gap between the financial markets and the music industry through an online platform.

Third on the podium were Eiravato and Marcin Kulik, a start-up with Irish roots specialised in industrial recycling. This prize is supported by Lalux and Atoz.


The jury's favourite prize, awarded by Smile, went to GoldenMe, Mara Kroth’s project to fight against loneliness and social isolation through the use of new technologies and the internet to create events and meetings.

Designed to encourage young creative entrepreneurs, between the ages of 18 and 40, to respond to the challenges of the market while expanding their ecosystem of partners over the long term, the Junior Chamber International (JCI) competition adapts each year to the changing economic context. This year, the focus was on business resilience in the midst of the coronavirus storm.

The three winners emerged from a field of 10 finalists, already chosen from a field of 20 entries, who had pitched in front of the competition jury on 13 November.

This article was originally published in French on Paperjam.lu and has been translated and edited for Delano.