Snowjams create motorway misery


A view of tailbacks on the A7 motorway on Tuesday morningPhoto: Twitter/Gilles Feith 

There was misery for motorists driving through Luxembourg on Tuesday, after a fresh snow shower resulted in accidents and speed limit reductions.

By 9:10am, driving association the ACL had reported four accidents on its website, impacting the A4 and A3 roundabouts.

Speed limits were dramatically reduced to avoid further accidents, resulting in slow moving traffic and jams.

The limit on the A7, where this photo was taken, was reduced to 20km/h over two stretches of road and one lane was closed. So bad was it that it took a Delano staff member 1 hour and 50 minutes to drive from Diekirch to Bonnevoie.

In other areas, like the N11, close to Dommeldange, speed limits had been reduced to 10km/h. Further snowfall was expected for Tuesday afternoon and evening, according to Meteolux. There should be a reprieve until Friday when the white stuff is expected to make a return.