Lucien Reger is pictured beside the Foodsharing fridge outside his shop in Bonnevoie Delano

Lucien Reger is pictured beside the Foodsharing fridge outside his shop in Bonnevoie Delano

Installed outside the organic and fairtrade shop Naturwelten in Rue Auguste Charles in December 2020, the fridge is the first of its kind in the capital, though more are expected to follow.

“It’s attracted the less privileged but also people who don’t need to come. For instance, I’ve taken items. It’s for everyone and I think that’s the more important point in this initiative,” said shop owner Lucien Reger, adding: “I think the message is that people learn to not throw food away.”

Reger responded to the call of community group Foodsharing Luxembourg for a site after watching a documentary about the initiative. “I found the idea super. We’re well-placed and had space outside for the fridge,” Reger said. The fridge was installed with the help of not-for-profit Frère des Hommes.

On Thursday morning the solidarity fridge was well stocked with bread. Photo: Delano

According to government figures, Luxembourg throws out 70,800 tonnes of food per year, equivalent to 118 kilos of food per person. Three quarters of the total waste comes from private households. While the amount of waste is shrinking, the government has set out a roadmap, “Null Offall Lëtzebuerg” to reduce it further and encourage more responsible and sustainable consumption and management of resources.  

The fridge was inaugurated on Wednesday in the presence of Luxembourg economy minister Franz Fayot. By Thursday it was full of bread rolls and a thoughtful donor had left a bag of recipe books beside it.

Foodsharing Luxembourg also organises foodsharing events in communes around the country. On 5 February, they will be in Junglinster at 6pm, Dahlem/Garnich at 8pm and on 8 February in Beaufort at 6pm.