Speed camera fines, 2018



Authorities issued 242,000 €49 speeding tickets and 8,000 €145 speeding tickets based on fixed speed cameras last year.

That’s according to information provided to Delano by the Luxembourg Police on 19 February.

A police spokeswoman said there were 233,000 €49 speeding tickets and 7,000 €145 speeding tickets--or a total of 240,000--issued in 2017.

€49 fines are levied when motorists exceed the speed limit by 4kmh or more. €145 penalties are levied for violations of 16khm or more within town limits, 21kmh or more in rural areas and 26kmh or more on motorways. The larger fines also carry the loss of 2 driver license points.

Speeding tickets can be paid or appealed online. The pictures taken by speed cameras are not sent to drivers, but can be viewed in person at the highway patrol office in Bertrange.