Speed camera fines issued in 2019



Speed camera fines rose by over 30,000 from 2018 to 2019, according to new figures issued by the government.

In 2018, 250,000 cases of speeding were recorded by the country’s various fixed speed cameras, of which 242,000 resulted in €49 fines and 8,000 in €145 fines.

On Monday, the mobility ministry recorded 282,703 instances of speeding recorded by cameras, of which 272,102 resulted in €49 fines. It added that cameras recorded 2,023 high-speed offences. Currently, there are 24 fixed speed cameras, two roadworks cameras and five mobile speed cameras in the grand duchy.

Starting 15 June, the first average speed cameras will be operational along the N11 between Gonderange and Waldhof. On this 3.8-kilometre section, the maximum speed limit is 90 km/hr for cars and 75 km/hr for HGVs. The average cameras will use infrared detection technology to detect vehicle speeds at entrance and exit of the segment.

Speed cameras were first rolled out in Luxembourg in 2016 as part of measures to increase road safety. According to Green mobility minister François Bausch, there are plans to install a camera at Place de l’Etoile, in Luxembourg City, for winter 2020-2021 and in Hollerich and Schlammestee in 2021.

“We have only one goal: to reduce the number of seriously injured and fatalities,” Bausch said.