Spuerkeess to close 11 branches

The iconic headquarters building of Spuerkeess/BCEE in Luxembourg City Nader Ghavami

The iconic headquarters building of Spuerkeess/BCEE in Luxembourg City Nader Ghavami

Luxembourg public savings bank Spuerkeess is set to close 11 of its least-frequented branches by the end of March, with the 38 staff affected being reassigned within the bank.

In a press release issued on 12 February (PDF), the bank (also called BCEE) explained the changes were part of its new “proximity strategy”, focusing on the creation of online services, extending opening hours and overhauling the network.

The agencies impacted include Belle-Etoile, Bridel, Colmar-Berg, Esch-Lallange, Hosingen, Larochette, Pommerloch, Réiserbann, Wasserbillig, Rumelange and Rodange.

Rodange will be merged in the second half of 2020 following the planned renovation of the Pétange agency. The bank said it would merge the closed branches with outlets nearby by 27 March.

At the same time, Spuerkeess said it would “continue its investment programme in its branch network with targeted openings of new branches, such as recently the new Cloche d'Or branch, and major renovation works, such as at the Bonnevoie, Bettembourg and Merl/Belair sites.”

Additional, Spuerkeess will open a branch in Opkorn, consolidating the Differdange and Niederkorn branches in 2022.

According to the statement, the bank modernised 16 branches over the past three years with five more to follow in 2020.