St George’s Stays Connected Through Innovative Teaching


 St George's International School

In the coming weeks, some students and staff may be gradually going back to School, however a typical school day is very different from what is was a couple of months ago. St George’s International School has done everything possible to continue pastoral care and to deliver a first class education to all of its students. Teachers are constantly adapting and approving their remote teaching to keep students engaged and motivated.

‘You are all doing a wonderful job and it feels as though the children have barely missed a beat’ – Parent feedback 

What we have learnt so far

St George’s has learnt that coming together as a school is really important: whilst we can’t be together physically, the School has put together the resources in order to continue to deliver a high quality curriculum as well as spend time connected as a community. Students at St George’s have maintained a positive work ethic by having a sense of routine and structure in their daily timetable.

‘The range and quality of the materials online is exceptional and allows the children to develop a range of new skills and interests’– Parent feedback

As lockdown continues, the Teachers at St George’s have gained confidence and knowledge in the technology they are using, and have worked out innovative ways to share their learning and stay connected. In Primary, students stay connected via daily messages, “Marvellous Memories” by sharing photos of previous learning in School, personal blogs where the children comment positively on each other’s work and celebrating Birthdays with secret messages. Voice instructions have been used extremely well, with Teachers adding voice notes to presentations and diagrams to take students step by step through their learning. Of course, there is nothing like the students sharing a lesson together, this is why Secondary Teachers and more recently, Primary Teachers teach live lessons via Zoom. The excitement and engagement has been phenomenal as the students participate in this version of the “new normal”.

’The students are busy with the different activities, motivated to do the work and have regular interaction with the Teachers which is a good way to stay connected and to keep the link with the School that they miss so much.’ – Parent feedback

In Secondary, our students have not only been having regular live lessons but also live mock exams and are in regular contact with their Teachers using tools such as; Teams and Doddle Learn. The students have demonstrated their commitment and creativity through this video, reminding everyone that they are not alone and that ‘everything will be alright’.

In This Together

Despite our building being closed, we are still a strong, supportive community open for all our students and parents. These are difficult times for everyone, but this can also be seen as an opportunity to show our strength and kindness and pull together as a team. The School is thankful for all the positive feedback it has received so far, our staff at St George’s have done each other proud by supporting each other, the parents and the children, to ensure that we are able to carry on as well as possible and overcome this challenging time together.

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