Staycations on the rise


The Mullerthal region features a variety of hiking trails that have experienced increasing popularity in the past months. Photo: ORT Mullerthal 

Temporarily confined to the borders of their own country, Luxembourg residents have discovered a growing curiosity for the grand duchy and its various tourist attractions. 

The Mullerthal Region, also known as Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland, saw popularity rise significantly in 2020. Its hiking trails counted an additional 10,000 visitors in July compared to the same period in 2019, ORT Mullerthal’s Marianne Origer notes. 

And even if local tourism does not experience the same popularity in 2021, awareness of the many beautiful places across Luxembourg will definitely spur more people to opt for staycations in the future. “People are starting to discover their own country a lot more and they are becoming much more interested in the various regional products different parts of the country specialise in,” the tourist office says.  

In particular, appreciation for Luxembourg’s natural landscapes as a source of mental regeneration has grown significantly and will continue to do so, Origer states with enthusiasm. “Nature has always and will always be one of our country’s strengths and I think that will be an important aspect in the upcoming year, this idea of local recreation which people will start to take advantage of more and more.” 

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