Strong support for teleworking in Lux: survey



Over half of people polled in Luxembourg said they’d like to be able to work remotely or from home, according to the latest Quality of Work survey.

Altogether, 57% of respondents supported teleworking as a solution to the health risks associated digitisation of the workplace.

The same proportion supported a reduction in the number of compulsory weekly working hours, meanwhile, 59% favoured making it compulsory for employees to switch off work phones and email after a certain time.

For those whose work has undergone a digitisation process, the survey found that over two thirds said they now required ongoing training while 54% said it added further tasks to their to-do list.

Altogether, 42% said the digital workplace had improved their work performance, while 38% said they felt their performance was more closely monitored as a result of this.

The job fields most likely to be impacted by digitisation, according to the survey, were people working in services, managers and salespeople, followed by assembly line workers and machinery operators, and administrative staff. Directors and managers were most likely to say digitisation had increased their workloads (50%), followed by people working in traditional high-level professions and in science (50%) and in mid-level professions (53%).

The survey was commissioned by the Chambre des salaries (Chamber of Employees) in collaboration with University of Luxembourg research unit Inside, and conducted by survey firm Infas. The surveyors questioned 1,522 people who were randomly selected, of which a third were cross-border workers.