The talent challenge at Breakfast Talk

At the latest Delano Breakfast Talk, Philipp von Restorff discussed how the grand duchy can improve its attraction as a place to work in finance.

Deputy CEO of Luxembourg For Finance Philipp von Restorff addressed guests including HR officers, recruitment advisers, relocation and real estate experts at a Delano Breakfast Talk on Tuesday morning.

He talked about how to ensure Luxembourg attracts the talent it needs to accompany continued growth of its financial centre, how to get the message out that Luxembourg is an ideal place to build a career in financial services and offers exceptional quality of life, and what can Luxembourg for Finance do in this context.

A lively discussion--exactly the sort of thing the Delano Breakfast Talk encourages--tackled what many guests saw as the key problems to attracting talent. These include the cost and availability of housing, the difficulty in placing children in English-language schools, the struggle often faced by trailing spouses in finding employment in their field of work if it is not in the financial services sector, and what some said were limited career path opportunities in Luxembourg compared to competing cities such as Frankfurt and Paris.

The next Delano Breakfast Talk on 5 December is sponsored by Victor Buck Services. Birgit Goldak, Partner, Risk Insurance Services at PwC Luxembourg, will give the keynote speech on how to fulfill AML/KYC duties efficiently and safely.