There will be fines for not wearing mouth protection


Mouth protection must be worn on public transport starting 20 April. Bausch reiterated the message of prime minister Xavier Bettel on Wednesday, saying that people can also use a scarf or home-made mask. 

The wearing of masks or alternative mouth coverings will be compulsory starting 20 April when doing an activity that could bring people within a range of two metres of another person not from the same household.

Announced on Wednesday as part of the Luxembourg government’s deconfinement strategy, the measure applies to visits to shops, when using public transport, and in the workplace.

In a televised press conference on Friday afternoon, François Bausch (déi gréng) said that the same fines would be applied to people who flout the rules as were first introduced for social distancing breaches.

“The goal is not to sanction but for everyone to stick to the rules and to protect one another,” he said.

He said that while the police will ensure that people adhere to the rules, the during the first week the focus would be on awareness raising. Information points will be installed at the busiest public transport interchanges.

The current reduced frequency of public transport would remain unchanged on 20 April, the minister said.

He added that police continue to carry out checks and to fine people who participate in social gatherings with others who are not from the same household. He stressed the importance of continuing to respect these measures and added that, if tipped off, police have the right to visit a person’s home and ask questions.

Bausch said that the confinement rules would be reviewed on 11 May. “Everything depends on our behaviour. If everyone is disciplined and observes the rules, and we can reduce the numbers [of new cases] then a new position could be taken from 11 May,” he said.  

Where can I get a mask?

Local communes will be distributing masks for individuals, sending packs of 5 masks per person to households by post. The government is also setting up a distribution programme for businesses, giving priority to companies in the construction and crafts sector that are able to restart work on Monday. Further details can be found here.

Bausch reiterated the message delivered by prime minister Xavier Bettel on Wednesday, saying that people can also use a scarf or home-made mask. The minister said that the wearing of mouth protection should be done in conjunction with social distancing, regular handwashing and respect for the confinement rules.