Time for winter tyres


Luxembourg police recommend having winter tyres on vehicles from October until Easter. (Photo: Standret/Shutterstock) 

The Grand-Ducal Police has issued a reminder about mandatory seasonal tyre change requirements. 

It's that time of the year again: the days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping and it's time to make that biannual trip to the local garage to get those winter tyres. 

While the requirement for winter tyres in Luxembourg is very much dependent on weather conditions and thus not applicable to a specific period of time, October is generally associated with dropping temperatures and the subsequent inadequacy of summer tyres. 

Following the Luxembourg highway code, all motorised vehicles driving on public roads with winter conditions (black ice, packed snow, slush, ice sheets or frost) must be equipped with regulation winter tyres, which includes all-weather tyres marked with an M and S or the alpine symbol. 

This regulation applies to all drivers, irrespective of the vehicle’s country of registration.

Noncompliance with these rules can get expensive with a €74 fine--money that could easily be spent on a nice meal--so better pay your trusted garage a quick visit and get ready for the winter months ahead. 

Find more details concerning winter tyres on the police website or on