Touching tradition raises cancer care funds

The event, a fixture in the international community, features mixed teams (in terms of age, experience and gender) of up to 10 players. 

This year six teams participated with ING beating St George’s International School in what Joe Lister, one of the organisers, called “an epic final of skills, thrills and a few spills.”

This edition “focused more on families playing together, with over 15% of the players being [under 13 years old] of which more than half were girls,” said Nick Frank, also one of the organisers.

“With the support of Phoenix PSF KCIT raised over €3,000 on the day for Omega Haus,” a hospice, stated Lister.

Frank said the group has raised a total of €15,000 so far this year through all of its activities, which also include a golf tournament.

Kick Cancer Into Touch was founded more than a decade ago by Mea Shepard, who lost her husband to cancer, and Lister, a former Rugby Club Luxembourg player, whose sister succumbed to the disease.