Tram to Gare: 1,700 fewer buses in Lux City

The Gare district will see the columns of buses disappear in favour of the tram, the new backbone of mobility in the capital Visual: Luxtram

The Gare district will see the columns of buses disappear in favour of the tram, the new backbone of mobility in the capital Visual: Luxtram

The entry into service of the tram between the central train station and Place de l'Etoile on 13 December will mark the launch of new bus line routes and timetables. 

When the tram officially starts serving the station on December 13, all public transport networks will have to be reorganised, transport minister François Bausch (Déi Gréng) explained on Thursday.

"With the arrival of the tram at the station, a total of 1,700 buses will no longer pass through the city center, which will significantly relieve the entire axis," he explained.

Since it will be possible to travel via tram between Luxexpo and the central train station in 24 minutes, bus routes providing this link will disappear.

RGTR network gets redesign

As for RGTR regional buses, the network will expand with the arrival of four new routes: 105, linking Junglinster to Ettelbruck; 461, making the connection between Itzig and Howald; 536, linking Ettelbruck and Esch-sur-Sûre; and 543, between Ettelbruck and Consthum.

Routes which currently have their terminus in the centre or at the central train station will be routed via the Rocades, just across the tracks in Bonnevoie.

"From December 13 the RGTR network will offer a better service on weekends and in the evenings on many existing routes, as well as on new routes," Bausch said.

Merl to the airport, bypassing the station

As for travel within the City of Luxembourg, the four main axes of public transport will be the tram system, the Gare-Centre and Rocade-Centre bus routes, as well as west-east and west-north connections that do servicing the Gare district. Thus, for example, the districts of Merl and Belair will be connected by a bus line to the airport via Kirchberg.

The number of buses currently in operation between the central station and the city centre via avenue de la Gare and the Viaduct will be reduced once the tram enters into service. Another change to come: the disappearance of the bus station for municipal buses, and therefore the end of the terminus for eight different lines (9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 19, 28, 31).

These will see their route redesigned, and the population will be informed through the distribution of a new network map, starting 23 November, in mailboxes, prior to the detailed presentation of the changes scheduled for 27 November.

This is how Luxembourg City's new bus network (AVL) will be structured, as of 13 December. (Illustration: MMTP / VDL) 

"The tram line will soon form the backbone of the capital's mobility concept and will federate around it a meticulously harmonised network of municipal buses,” according to Luxembourg City mayor Lydie Polfer (DP).

Finally, it should be noted that Sunday, 13 December, will also be marked by some schedule changes for national and international CFL trains. For example, during the week, a new hourly rate will be in effect on the line connecting Luxembourg to Liège.

This article was originally published on Paperjam.lu and has been translated and edited for Delano.