Tram line to Gare ready by December 2020

By December 2020, the tram line should run between the Luxembourg main train station and the Place de l'Étoile (Photo : Luxtram)

By December 2020, the tram line should run between the Luxembourg main train station and the Place de l'Étoile (Photo : Luxtram)

The tram linking the main station and Luxexpo should be ready by December 2020, Luxtram general director André Von der Marck has confirmed. 

According to Paperjam, the schedule is on track, with preparatory works already having been completed on avenue de la Liberté and avenue Emile Reuter. Once works are complete, the director confirmed, the tram will initially run between Luxexpo and the main train station every six minutes before eventually running every three minutes.

As the laying of track gets underway, both the City of Luxembourg and RGTR buses will be adapting to the works along the avenue de la Liberté, as well as in front of the main station. 

Works in various phases

Starting 13 May, the phase of renewing the underground utility cables and pipes will begin on avenue de la Liberté, on the even-numbered side, with traffic narrowed to a maximum of two lanes. The same works will be carried out in October on the opposite side, expected for a duration of four months. 

At the start of 2020 and in April 2020, respectively, the construction site will affect the even side (lasting three months) and then opposite side will begin (lasting five months). In the latter case, traffic is expected to only run in one direction. Finally, autumn 2020 will see the end of the works. 

Additionally, works will take place starting 5 May between the Place de la Gare and rue de Strasbourg, until July 2019, and in September another round of works will kick off. Another six months of installation work for the tram will begin in October, lasting six months, with an additional two weeks in April 2020 required for finalisation. 

As Von der Marck told Paperjam, “This is an important project in the centre of Luxembourg, it is not easy. But we really try to be attentive and, if requests are made, we examine them. We’ve already found solutions for some businesses, in special cases.”