Uni pays tribute to professor killed by covid-19

Professor Michel Parisse, pictured, died on 5 April 2020 (c) University of Luxembourg

Professor Michel Parisse, pictured, died on 5 April 2020 (c) University of Luxembourg

According to a statement published on 14 April, Professor Michel Parisse served at the Centre Universitaire de Luxembourg, which preceded the university, from 1976 to 1985.

It described him as a “captivating teacher, an outstanding researcher, a good administrator of numerous projects and institutes and always anxious to transmit his knowledge to a wide public.”

“Michel Parisse covered the four main areas of activity of the teacher-researcher of our times. Like any great scholar, he devoted himself to them in all modesty: always approachable, generous to his first-year students and doctoral students, a volunteer in the organisation, committed but fair in the debate.”

Originally from Lorraine, France, Parisse joined the University of Nancy II as an assistant in 1965, where he defended his doctoral thesis in 1975. He served as professor in Nancy, director of the French Historical Mission in Göttingen in 1985, and completed the last nine years of his career at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

An expert in the history of Lorraine and Lotharingia, the history of the Church and the publication of sources, he left a considerable body of work.

With Paul Margue he co-founded the Journées Lotharingiennes, a cycle of international conferences that is now internationally renowned, is an honorary member of the Historical Section of the Institut Grand-Ducal de Luxembourg and supported for the work of the Centre luxembourgeois de documentation et d'études médiévales (CLUDEM).