Video interview: Ambassador John Marshall on #LuxUKLinks

British Ambassador to Luxembourg John Marshall spoke with Delano’s Duncan Roberts in a video interview about the recent release of the “#LuxUKLinks” book. The ambassador also inadvertently provided a hint about his successor. 

Ambassador Marshall and Roberts discussed the history of the tweets which began in September 2016 and eventually led to a traveling exhibition and the book’s publication. 

The book is written by Marshall and produced by Delano publisher Maison Moderne and delves into the bilateral ties between Luxembourg and the UK. 

“All British ambassadors are encouraged to use Twitter,” Marshall says, “not only to amplify British government policy, but also in a more personal way.” The ambassador has also been known to tweet in both English and Luxembourgish about his long-distance runs and other adventures in the grand duchy.

“#LuxUKLinks - 150 stories connecting the United Kingdom and Luxembourg” by HM Ambassador John Marshall is available from the Maison Moderne online shop and is also being stocked in Ernster bookstores.