Video: Luxembourg set to “Friends” intro

Several Luxembourg public figures have taken the place of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross... at least in a video posted on social media this week.

The video is set to “I’ll be there for you” by The Rembrandts, the theme song to Friends, in a sequence that vaguely recreates the opening credits of the 1990s American sitcom.

It starts with images of Luxembourg prime minister Xavier Bettel delivering an address, hugging his husband following their marriage, pointing to Boris Johnson’s empty podium and playing footie with a child in front of parliament before meeting Grand Duke Henri.

Later there are clips of Jean-Claude Juncker, the former Luxembourg PM and European Commission president, slapping Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian PM, after Juncker called him a “dictator”, and Juncker slapping then Greek PM Alexis Tsipras during Greece’s EU bailout talks.

Other appearances in the video are made by members of the royal family, Luxembourg foreign minister Jean Asselborn (including his “merde alors!” outburst directed to Asselborn’s Italian counterpart Matteo Salvini), Conservative and ex-ADR politician Joé Thein, and Luxleaks whistleblower Antoine Deltour.

There is, however, a lack of prominent women in the video--surprising given that it mimicks a show in which some of the female stars were arguably more famous than their male counterparts.

The video was posted on 17 February by the Youtube user Dwiin’s quality shitposts. At the time of publication, it had been viewed more than 9,100 times.