VR to Go extended through end-May


The VR pavilion normally ends at the same time the Luxembourg City Film Fest does, but this year will run through end-May Photo: Sophie Margue/courtesy Neimënster 

Film Fund Luxembourg and Neimënster have decided to extend the virtual reality pavilion through end-May in light of high demand.  

The VR pavilion is part of the Luxembourg City Film Festival, which normally runs through 14 March. The VR to Go service, which allows users to rent VR headsets and enjoy one of two programmes over three days from the comfort of their own homes, is also being extended.

“In parallel to the physical pavilion, the new VR to Go formula exceeded expectations and convinced an audience of those curious or adept at VR,” according to the Friday press release by Neimënster, the site hosting the pavilion and from which the VR to Go headsets can be picked up and dropped off.  

A total of 13 films are available to view in VR at the pavilion. These films are split across two programmes in VR to Go--programme one features non-fiction/documentary works, while programme two includes fiction and sci-fi. 

The 13 films include “Battlescar”--which won the Lux Film Fest 2020 prize for best immersive experience--and 360-degree films, “the most awarded of the genre”. Among those are three Luxembourg co-productions, namely “Putain de fonction humaine” by Karolina Markiewicz and Pascal Piron - Don Pedro Productions, “Under the Skin” by João Inada - Tarantula Luxembourg and “Ayahuasca” by Jan Kounen - a_Bahn. 

For a complete list of VR films and experiences, visit the festival website.

VR to Go can be reserved via this link for €20, with Friday-Monday or Tuesday-Thursday rental periods, with a reimbursable rental deposit of €200. 

The pavilion is open from 10am-6pm daily and free of charge. For more information, visit

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