Water treatment system is “first” in Europe


Ulrich Bäuerle of Apateq, Prince Félix of Luxembourg and Crown Princess Viktoria of Sweden are seen attending the inauguration of a water treatment plant designed by Luxembourg-based Apateq and installed on an island off Sweden’s southeastern coast, 12 July 2019. Photo: Apateq 

The Luxembourg-based cleantech outfit Apateq has built what it calls a “first of its kind in Europe” water treatment plant in Sweden.

The facility was constructed in Mörbylånga on the Swedish island of Öland to provide drinking water, Apateq said in a press release on 13 July.

The island had been shipping in water supplies from the mainland to meet the demands of local industry and “seasonal tourist-induced peaks” in volumes.

“The stationary plant treats brackish well water as well as pre-treated industrial process water within one single installation,” Apateq stated. Previously this type of system had only been installed in Namibia and the US, the firm reckoned.

It will treat between 500 and 4,000 cubic meters a day.

The plant was inaugurated during a ceremony on Friday attended by Prince Félix of Luxembourg and Crown Princess Viktoria of Sweden.

“This is our first installation in Sweden,” a spokeswoman for Apateq told Delano on 15 July. The company has around 60 employees, up from 18 in 2018, she stated.