“We are not in a war of talents anymore”


Nathalie Delebois and Gwladys Costant, co-presidents of the Federation for Recruitment, Search & Selection. Photo credit: FR2S 

The Federation for Recruitment, Search & Selection (FR2S), a voluntary industry group for headhunters in Luxembourg, turns three in February.

In advance of the anniversary, Delano spoke with Nathalie Delebois, co-founder of DO Recruitment Advisors and co-president (along with Gwladys Costant of Gotofreedom) of the FR2S, about the federation and the current state of the recruitment sector in the grand duchy.

Aaron Grunwald: What is the biggest challenge facing recruiters in Luxembourg today?

Nathalie Delebois: We are in a candidate-driven market and it means that we have difficulties to source candidates. We are not in a war of talents anymore but in a war of candidates.

Is there a popular misconception among employers, about what recruiters can and cannot do or how they work, that you’d like to correct?

Recruiters are not just CV providers. We have much more to offer in terms of partnership and our role is incredibly valuable in a candidate-driven market, e.g., providing market trends, employer branding and package advice.

Is there a popular misconception among jobseekers, about what recruiters can and cannot do or how they work, that you’d like to correct? 

Recruiters do not have the right to do whatever they want with candidates’ CVs. We have serious obligations to respect data privacy and data protection.

FR2S has been up and running for just about three years. What’s the biggest accomplishment that you’d credit to the federation? 

We are proud of two main accomplishments: our code of ethics which is extremely important in a non-regulated sector and the Adem [jobs agency] convention that enables a better collaboration between job seekers and employers.

How has the Luxembourg recruitment industry changed over the past couple of years?

Luxembourg is one the most competitive financial locations worldwide and a country for innovation in various sectors, e.g., space, ICT, cleantech… Hence, we need to attract the best candidates from all over the world and not only coming from over the borders anymore. National branding is key to support the development of the country while it was not a priority several years ago.

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