Wiseler makes run for CSV president official

Claude Wiseler, pictured, has put up an entire team for election at the 24 April party congress Mike Zenari

Claude Wiseler, pictured, has put up an entire team for election at the 24 April party congress Mike Zenari

Claude Wiseler has filed official paperwork to be considered as a candidate for the presidency of the CSV party, which is coming up to a vote on 24 April. 

CSV president Frank Engel in March stepped down from his post amid a controversy surrounding a job contract with a party-affiliated charity. This followed disputes within the party about policies, including wealth and inheritance taxes.

The leadership crisis of the country’s biggest group in parliament could soon be a thing of the past, however.

Wiseler, a member of parliament and the party’s pick for the prime ministership in the 2018 elections, submitted his candidacy on Thursday morning, putting an entire team up for election.

His picks include Elisabeth Margue as deputy president. Christophe Hansen, a member of the European Parliament for Luxembourg, under the proposal would become the party’s secretary general, also supported by a deputy, Stéphanie Weydert.

The doubling of posts would also be extended to parliament where the current head of the party’s group in the Chamber of Deputies, Martine Hansen, would share power with Gilles Roth.

The party’s vice presidency would go to Anne Logelin and Paul Galles. Other regional positions would also be redistributed under Wiseler’s plans.

There is technically still time for other candidates to come forward and run for the presidency. And the proposal needs to be validated during the party’s annual general meeting on 24 April.

Wiseler himself commented that he felt supported by the party but that nothing was certain until the vote later this month.

This article was first published in French on Paperjam and has been translated and edited for Delano.