Women, shopkeepers feel unsafe in Gare

Luxembourg City mayor Lydie Polfer says problem can only be solved by working together Romain Gamba

Luxembourg City mayor Lydie Polfer says problem can only be solved by working together Romain Gamba

Nearly two-thirds of women living and working in Luxembourg City’s Gare district feel unsafe, a survey shows, with the feeling of insecurity even higher among local shopkeepers. 

The City of Luxembourg surveyed 511 people living and working in the area around the train station, which has been subject of recent debate over a perceived rise in crime and authorities hiring a private security firm to patrol streets.

More than half of the respondents (58%) said they think security around the central train station is poor. This feeling was strongest among women (64%) and shopkeepers (73%).

Half of women and 65% of shopkeepers also said they had experienced a concrete situation in the past months that had made them feel unsafe. The survey average was 44%.

And even though the hiring of a private security firm caused political debate, 68% of survey respondents welcomed the decision, with 83% of people surveyed saying it was necessary to take action to improve security in the district.

Luxembourg City presented the results of the survey on 26 February, ahead of a council meeting on Monday.

Internal security minister Henri Kox, responsible for the police force, has defended police presence in the area, saying the number of patrols had increased and that law enforcement was doing a good job.

City mayor Lydie Polfer said the survey was a message to decision-makers to act but added that it was not only the capital but also the government and police who needed to come up with solutions.

Kox during a press conference in February said an inter-ministerial working group, also including the justice, foreign affairs, health family and equality between women and men ministries, is working on tackling drug crime together with the police.

This article was first published on Paperjam.lu and has been translated and edited for Delano.