Working group to decide future of Echternach medieval find


The discovery was made near Echternach's central market square. Photo: Shutterstock 

A working group is set to determine the fate of medieval ruins discovered at a building site in Echternach. 

Excavation works in Echternach at the end of April revealed early medieval ruins dating back to the 7th century. The site showed impressions of foundations and a grave. The dig also uncovered walls believed to the belong to the gardens of the old Echternach abbey, which was destroyed in a 15th century fire.

A monument protection committee was called in to analyse the site, which is earmarked for a larger real estate project, including an underground car park, shops, restaurants and flats. The commune has already invested around €5m in the project.

Culture minister Sam Tanson on 20 May met with local officials to discuss the find. They agreed to instate a working group to revise the original project and come up with a plan on how best to protect the discoveries.

The group will include officials from the city of Echternach, archaeologists, and experts on national monuments, culture, finance, tourism and public works and housing.