Doctors’ association supports vaccine mandate

“The many indirect coercive measures in favour of vaccination have not led to a sufficient rate of vaccination,” said the AMMD in a 6 January statement. Photo: Anthony Dehez / EU

“The many indirect coercive measures in favour of vaccination have not led to a sufficient rate of vaccination,” said the AMMD in a 6 January statement. Photo: Anthony Dehez / EU

Luxembourg’s association of doctors and dentists has come out in favour of a population-wide vaccine mandate, and also shows its support for vaccinating children five and older.

“The AMMD is concerned about the still insufficient vaccination rate in the population, despite all efforts to inform the public of the scientific evidence,” said the Association of Doctors and Dentists (AMMD) in a press release on Thursday.

In that context, the association declared its support of mandatory inoculations. “The AMMD is in favour of compulsory vaccination of all adults for whom there is no medical contraindication,” the statement continued.

The association also stipulated that it favours a blanket mandate rather than a sectoral one, saying that it opposes the “imposed stigmatisation of medical and nursing staff” that would arise if only such professionals were required to get the jab.

Vaccines are effective (for children too)

The AMMD pointed out the risks of the Sars-CoV-2 virus, namely that it is potentially deadly for elderly and frail people, and that children and adolescents are at high risk of infection. It also noted that the latter group are “strongly affected in their psychosocial and academic development by the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.”

While vaccinating people does not erase all risk, the AMMD stressed that it is still the “most effective way to protect the population against severe forms of covid-19 and its complications (notwithstanding other preventive measures).”

It adds that the latest data confirms that the vaccine is safe for children five years old and up, and that it “supports all efforts to provide children with excellent vaccination coverage as soon as possible.”

For self and others

The association pointed out in the statement that getting vaccinated is for the protection of both yourself and others. “Preventive measures, including vaccination, serve to protect both the individual and the community and thus avoid the collapse of our health care system. Because of the very limited health resources due to the size of its population and its surface area Luxembourg is a highly vulnerable country.”

On Wednesday, Luxembourg’s green party, Déi Gréng, had also come out in favour of a vaccine mandate, ahead of a debate in parliament on the topic. Prime minister Xavier Bettel (DP) had requested the exchange with lawmakers with a view to reaching a decision by mid-January.

Read the AMMD’s statement here (French).