Tom Steffen, CEO of the Steffen Group, with his sister Lisa Steffen, who runs La Mezzanine du Boulevard, and their father Frank Steffen, founder of the family business launched in 1989. (Photo: Romain Gamba/Maison Moderne)

Tom Steffen, CEO of the Steffen Group, with his sister Lisa Steffen, who runs La Mezzanine du Boulevard, and their father Frank Steffen, founder of the family business launched in 1989. (Photo: Romain Gamba/Maison Moderne)

With La Mezzanine du Boulevard, the Steffen group is doubling its presence in the Royal-Hamilius complex, where it has already been operating as a take-away since December. On the menu, a continuous offer from breakfast to afterwork.

The Steffen group is making its mark in the Royal-Hamilius complex with the opening this Thursday of La Mezzanine du Boulevard, a restaurant located just above the take-away L'Atelier Steffen, which has been in operation since mid-December, a stone’s throw from the Hamilius tram stop.

Following its concept at the central train station, “we wanted to continue with a concept that accompanies the customer throughout the day,” says Tom Steffen, CEO of the family business, which employs 200 people in catering, delicatessen and five butcher shops.

From early morning onwards, the establishment offers breakfasts and then, at lunchtime, the offer is mainly focused on potatoes. “The jacket potato is a typical dish that we want to rework in order to modernise it,” explains Lisa Steffen, who is in charge of the new establishment.

The potato comes in a colourful version with falafels and hints of coriander, but also in a winter edition with reblochon, caramelised onions and crispy ham.

The kitchen was entrusted to the young French chef Alexis Pradel, 22 years old.

At the end of the afternoon, the address switches to afterwork mode with a selection of cocktails and tapas to be enjoyed in a warm setting where the green decorations are set alongside the large windows overlooking Place Hamilius and Boulevard Royal. Around 50 guests can be seated at tables, counters and swing seats.

Almost €1m invested

With La Mezzanine du Boulevard, the Steffen Group is opening its third restaurant after La Table de Frank in its Steinfort stronghold and Le Quai Steffen at the central station. This project represents an investment “close to a million euros,” says Tom Steffen, who sees it as an asset to complete its presence in the capital from an easily accessible and recognisable location.

The restaurant offer--takeaway and on site--is already well developed in the upper town and should be expanded in the coming months with the expected opening of the rooftop SixSeven, but also, still in the Royal-Hamilius, of another restaurant chain. “The more players, the better, because it makes the offer more dynamic and everyone has their own brand,” says Steffen.

His younger sister Lisa, 25 years old, is now in charge of La Mezzanine du Boulevard. The daughter of founder Frank Steffen completed her hotel studies in Lausanne last February. A month later, the group set its sights on this 235m² vacant cell and decided to launch the development work. Initially planned for September 2021, the opening was delayed until January 2022 due to difficulties in sourcing materials.

This retailer, which employs around 20 people, will also complement the Royal-Hamilius complex, which already houses Galeries Lafayette, Fnac, Delhaize, Decathlon, Tango and, more recently, Post.

In total, 1,700m² of retail space is still available in eight cells located in the Aldringen Street and one along Boulevard Royal. Their surface areas vary from 50m² to 450m². “We would like to have fashion brands in Rue Aldringen,” says Romain Muller, managing director of Firce Capital, that manages the complex. The aim is to be fully booked within two years.

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