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Elodie Trojanowski becomes CEO of HumanTech Partners

After five years at the head of Luxfactory, Elodie Trojanowski has become CEO of HumanTech Partners, a data-related IT services company. Archive photo: Maison Moderne

After five years at the head of Luxfactory, Elodie Trojanowski has become CEO of HumanTech Partners, a data-related IT services company. Archive photo: Maison Moderne

Less than three years after selling 100% of his shares in his companies Elgon and Ainos to Post, Dominique Peiffer is launching the new HumanTech Partners project, based on data and a new management style. The management of the company is entrusted to Elodie Trojanowski, who has left Luxfactory.

“Going back into business, yes, but only if the project is inspiring, if it allows for the creation of meaning and value greater than mere profitability.” Seven years after Post took a 60% stake in his companies Elgon and Ainos, and three years after selling them completely, Dominique Peiffer launched his new project, HumanTech Partners, on Tuesday 18 April.

With a focus: to be part of the development of data. The method, called Opale, mixes empowerment, the development of each person’s strengths and natural evolution, to pull the workforce upwards.

A decentralised world of work

The startup will offer data strategy services to prepare a medium and long-term vision of data use, data governance to ensure the best possible access to its data, data engineering around the themes of large-scale data collection, storage and analysis, as well as artificial intelligence so that clients can access predictive models.

Data analysts, cloud and infrastructure engineers, and development teams will work in a completely decentralised world, with offices scattered around the globe like the satellite offices of the Big Four. Then they will be able to work four days a week.

It’s a methodology that “has already proven itself and continues to progress. Microsoft’s experience in Japan has resulted in a 40% increase in productivity by reducing energy and paper consumption in its subsidiary. A success story that inspires HumanTech Partners,” the press release said. And the employees will have to “give back” five days a year of their free time to volunteer at an association. HumanTech Partners has also set up a collective shareholding plan, a tool used to increase the involvement of employees in projects and build loyalty.

Registered on 20 February, the company was entrusted to Elodie TrojanowskiElodie Trojanowski, who swapped her position as CEO of Luxfactory, which she had held since January 2018, for that of CEO of HumanTech Partners.

This story was first published in French on Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano.