Emmanuelle Thivollard, Head Of Strategy & Content in the Maison Moderne Brand Studio Marie Russillo Maison Moderne

Emmanuelle Thivollard, Head Of Strategy & Content in the Maison Moderne Brand Studio Marie Russillo Maison Moderne

The third edition of the Native Advertising Observatory was held over two sessions on 24 May and 14 June. Emmanuelle Thivollard took the opportunity to share the main organised each year in Copenhagen by the Native Advertising Institute.

Among the cases reported by from Copenhagen and presented during these two sessions, one unanimously caught the attention of the participants, as much for its originality as for its theme, since it was a particularly offbeat Employer Branding campaign.

Neptune Energy, a Norwegian oil company, urgently needed to recruit five geologists. Two months after the publication of a very precise job advert, which didn't say much about what this employer was really like, they hadn't received a single application.

So they called on Partner Studio, the Brand Studio of Schibsted (a Norwegian media group) to implement a native strategy with the dual aim of finding these five geologists yesterday (!) and using the opportunity to position Neptune Energy in the market.

After analysing various employment surveys, similar recruitment campaigns and the environment, the agency was unable to pinpoint a key differentiator that would enable the campaign to succeed. The agency's strategists decided to go a step further and meet Neptune Energy employees for individual interviews.

Bingo! After mentioning the (very classic) factors of well-being, a flat structure and professionalism, each employee ended their interview by specifying that the company had a pizza oven! As well as offering delicious pizzas, it was a real place to meet, talk and share. And it was on the basis of this surprising and differentiating creative idea that the agency set up a relatively classic, niche native campaign, distributed via teasings on various titles of varying B2B status, always adapting the messages to the media and therefore to the targets, with the emphasis on this famous pizza oven.

After 2 weeks of campaigning, the results were dazzling, generating almost 3,000 clicks, 16,318 page views on the site, a CTR of 17.6% and, above all, 200 qualified applications!

On the strength of these results, the campaign left Copenhagen with the Best use of Native Advertising on a Small Budget and Most effective Native Advertising Campaign awards.

the site set up for Neptune Energy for the occasion.

Also a winner in Copenhagen in the "Best use of native advertising email" category, BIL received its award for the MyLife project at the Native Advertising Observatory. Read the reaction of Michaël Mertens, Senior Content Manager at BIL.

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