Newsmakers podcast#13

Empowering patients in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has the second-highest healthcare per capita spending in the EU but still has room for improvement when it comes to patients' rights.

Georges Clees of Patiente Vertriedung (patient representation), a member-based platform for patients, explains that even before the pandemic, his association worked daily to help patients ensure their rights are respected and fight for a system that is more inclusive and transparent, like the third party payment system due to enter into force in 2023.“

Even if Luxembourg is a rich country a lot of people still have money problems. For example, in 2015 or 2016, around 200,000 cheques were paid out by the CNS […] they were cashed the same day,” he says, adding: “It means someone went to the doctor 200,000 times and needed the cash back faster than the demand would be treated in the CNS.”

Patiente Vertriedung offers a number of resources in English to help empower patients. It also offers an online translation service for the types of questions patients may need to ask their doctor.

In relation to claims about certain practices in the health sector, Delano contacted the association for doctors and dentists in Luxembourg, the AMMD, but did not receive a reply. We would like to point out that the claims apply only to a minority of doctors and dentists practising in Luxembourg.