Expat Guide 2021-2022

Delano’s Expat Guide 2021-22 is available on newsstands across Luxembourg from 14 July. Maison Moderne

Delano’s Expat Guide 2021-22 is available on newsstands across Luxembourg from 14 July. Maison Moderne

It’s not easy to move to a new country, but there’s a Delano guide to help with that.

From how to sort recycling to avoiding multicultural misunderstandings, things can be tricky when you’ve freshly arrived in a country.

That’s why tips and advice from fellow expats and tuned-in locals can be a great help. And that’s the aim of Delano’s annual Expat Guide, released this week.

The guide features interviews, recommendations, how-to guides and resources for both recent arrivals and longer term international residents. It covers six main areas of interest:

- Settling in

- Daily life

- Childcare & family

- Professional life

- Personal finance

- Leisure time

This year’s Expat Guide was written and edited by Delano journalists Jess BauldryJess Bauldry, Natalie GerhardsteinNatalie Gerhardstein, Aaron GrunwaldAaron Grunwald, Abigail OkorodusAbigail Okorodus, Jeff PalmsJeff Palms, Duncan RobertsDuncan Roberts and Cordula SchnuerCordula Schnuer, who collectively have more than six decades of reporting experience in Luxembourg.

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