Experience the 2023 of the rainy days festival at the Philharmonie

Rainy days - Veronique Kolber   Photo : Philharmonie

Rainy days - Veronique Kolber  Photo : Philharmonie

Wondering what musical creation looks like today? The Philharmonie’s signature festival for new music, rainy days, returns from 16. to 19.11. with an accessible and eclectic programme dedicated to something we can all relate to: memory.  

You don’t have to be a passionate player of card-matching games to know how memory can deceive us. And yet – or perhaps for that very reason – it is our memories that shape us as individuals, and so exchanging and passing them on becomes essential for society’s development. Could there be a more challenging and multifaceted theme for the first edition of the festival rainy days under the leadership of the Luxemburgish composer Catherine Kontz? 

From 16. to 19.11, all the Philharmonie’s venues will open up, allowing resounding histories, personal stories, fragmented recollections, and tattered reminiscences to communicate and relate to one another. From artists who have reached iconic status, such as Morton Feldman and Christian Wolff, to a broad range of young composers, the programme includes both traditional musical instruments as well as tape machines and spice tins, conventionally notated music and improvisation. Short and sweet, never longer than an hour, all rainy days events have been designed to spark curiosity and gently invite participants out of their comfort zone.  

On Sunday 19.11., family-friendly events will take over the festival, allowing adventurers both young and young-at-heart to make new memories together, with a specially curated programme that will include a 1920s-inspired gig, composition workshops, retro short films, DIY sound memory games and more.  

Four days of new music featuring a multitude of insights and perspectives, catering to experts and curious minds alike from only 15 €: no doubt the 2023 of the rainy days festival will give us all something to remember! To see the full list of events, visit the Philharmonie’s website at: festival rainy days 2023 Philharmonie Luxembourg. 

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