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Fedil Industry Day 2023

Held on the afternoon of Tuesday 12 September, in the presence of Crown Prince Guillaume, Fedil Industry Day 2023 combined debates and exchanges of ideas between representatives from the worlds of politics, industry, science and academia. Here’s a look back in pictures.

Fedil Industry Day 2023 was held on Tuesday at the Mercure Luxembourg Kikuoka Golf Hotel, providing a forum for representatives from the worlds of politics, industry, science and academia. In the presence of Crown Prince GuillaumeCrown Prince Guillaume, and following a welcome address by Fedil president Michèle DetailleMichèle Detaille, the English-language debates focused on two major themes: “Industrial Policy--Bridging Ambition and Execution” and “Innovation Challenges and Talents to tackle them.”

The minister for the economy, Franz FayotFranz Fayot (LSAP), Christophe HansenChristophe Hansen, member of the European Parliament, Anne CalteuxAnne Calteux, representative of the European Commission in Luxembourg, Jana Meisser, head of special projects, long products ArcelorMittal, Pierre Laffont, director of European Affairs at France Industrie, Georges RasselGeorges Rassel, vice-president of Fedil, René WinkinRené Winkin, director of Fedil, Claude MeischClaude Meisch (DP), minister for higher education and research, Joëlle WelfringJoëlle Welfring (déi Gréng), minister for the environment, climate and sustainable development, Jens KreiselJens Kreisel, rector of the University of Luxembourg, Jose Morente, managing partner Antal Luxembourg, Sabine von der Recke, board member OHB System AG and Jean-Louis SchiltzJean-Louis Schiltz, vice-president of Fedil, took part in the debates.

Moderated by Winkin, the first topic, “Industrial Policy-Bridging Ambition and Execution”, gave Fayot, Hansen, Calteux, Laffont, Meisser and Rassel the opportunity to discuss the country’s capacity to implement an industrial policy that meets the challenges it faces. In the course of the discussion, the fundamentally open nature of the Luxembourg economy, changes in international trade relations, the importance of EU action in favour of industry and the preservation of the single market, the urgent need to reduce the administrative burden and the question of the cost of energy were all debated.

“Innovation Challenges and Talents to tackle them” was the subject of the afternoon’s second theme, moderated by Schiltz. Meisch, Welfring, Kreisel, von der Recké and Morente discussed the importance of technological innovation, which is at the heart of industrial development, particularly if we are to make a success of the dual transition to the environment and to digital technology. Inevitably, the question of how to attract and retain the skills and talents needed to successfully complete these innovation projects came to the fore.

Organised with the support of the Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, the Fedil Industry Day should be extended so that the findings can be followed up and industry’s concerns kept at the top of the agenda, according to the federation representing the industry, construction and business services sectors.

This article was first published in French on Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano.