FilmFund approves €11m in finance

Video camera operator working with his equipment Shutterstock

Video camera operator working with his equipment Shutterstock

Luxembourg’s Film Fund has signed off on over €11m of finance for Luxembourg productions, approving €2.8m for one feature.

During its third session of the year, the committee increased its total budget by €3m after several productions withdrew from the contest. In total, it awarded 14 out of the 33 projects submitted. 

Of the seven feature-length movies that applied, Läif a Séil, a drama by Samsa Film and Belgian co-production received the biggest budget at €2.8m, from a total budget of €3.7m. Written by Frédéric Zeimet and directed by Loïc Tanson, the film follows Hélène, a vengeance-fuelled woman who returns to the village where she grew up to destroy the Graff family.

Other features include Red Lion’s La Colline Parfumée, a drama written by Kessen Tall and directed by Abderrahmane Sissako (€1.5m), Complètement Cramé, written by Christel Henon and directed by Gilles Legadinier, from Bidibul Productions (€1.5m), Le Quatrième Mur, a war drama written by David Oelhoffen, adapted from the story by Sorj Chalandon, produced by Amour Fou Luxembourg (€985,000), Rastlos, a fantasy drama written and directed by Elmar Imanov for Wady Films (€700,000).

The biggest support for a long animation went to Fox and Hare Save the Forest, a comedy adventure written by Fabie Hulsebos and Mascha Halberstad for Doghouse Films (€1.39m).

Other long animations included Slocum, a comedy adventure written by Anik Le Ray and Jean-François Laguionie for Mélusine Productions (€1.24m).

The funding body awarded €302,000 for Bidibul’s virtual reality adventure flick The Assembly and €391,362 for Wild Fang Films’ documentary Missing Pictures.

Selective finance for writing and/or development went to Eileen Byrne’s Maraianengraben, produced by Samsa Film (€30,000), Headless by Govinda Van Maele (Gutland) (€50,000), Seraphine, an animation written by Marie Desplechin and Sarah van den Boom and produced by Calach Films (€30,000), Lai Hui (Back & Forth), an animation by Antoine Prum, produced by Paul Thiltges Distributions (€55,000) and the animation series Underdog by Jim Nolan and directed by Caroline Origer and Sean McCormack with Fabrique d’Images, (€120,000).