The Glacis funfair has attracted a large number of visitors since it opened last Wednesday. Photo: Romain Gamba/Maison Moderne

The Glacis funfair has attracted a large number of visitors since it opened last Wednesday. Photo: Romain Gamba/Maison Moderne

Favourable weather and a good turnout of visitors: fairground operators are notching up good marks following the opening of the 681st edition of the Schueberfouer and its first weekend of operation.

The Schueberfouer funfair was packed with people this past weekend. It was a turnout that delighted the fairgoers taking part in this 681st edition, as well as stand operators. Charles Hary, president of the Fédération Nationale des Commerçants Forains (national federation of stallholders), said: “We were visited by many families on Sunday and have benefited from favourable weather since the inauguration last Wednesday.”

Feedback from the organisers was also positive. “We haven’t received any particular complaints, and there were no notable incidents,” said , the Luxembourg City deputy mayor responsible for festivals and markets. Also responsible for mobility, he took the opportunity to point out that buses, trams and bicycles are available to get to the fair, as are parking facilities for motorists, with a special shuttle bus system linking certain car parks to the fair. “People with special needs have not been forgotten, and we are doing our utmost to ensure that everyone can enjoy this event to the full.”

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As for the painful question of prices, Hary asserted that “prices are not much more expensive than last year. And contrary to what some people are saying, the fairground operators are not raising their prices compared with other fairs, just because we’re in Luxembourg. Between the thrill rides, the more family-friendly attractions and the wide range of catering options, there’s something for everyone, and something to suit every budget.”

On the programme over the next few days

On Tuesday 29 August from 5pm, the traditional Mayors’ Day will be held. And even though some establishments have decided not to take part again this year, there will still be 54 elected representatives on hand to serve customers who will no doubt be amused to see them wearing aprons and handing out food and drink.

Wednesday will be Family Day, with reduced prices on the rides all day long. And don’t forget Queen’s Day on Thursday 31 August at 5pm.

Champ du Glacis, Luxembourg, until 11 September,

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