With the ESG translation engine, Olivier Debeugny adds a new fashionable card to Lingua Custodia's skills. (Photo: Matic Zorman/Archives Maison Moderne)

With the ESG translation engine, Olivier Debeugny adds a new fashionable card to Lingua Custodia's skills. (Photo: Matic Zorman/Archives Maison Moderne)

As the ESG dimension in finance develops, it was obvious that the fintech specialising in the automatic translation of financial documents should also be able to handle these documents. Lingua Custodia announced in a press release that it has done so.

"Financial institutions today produce a large amount of documents and content on SRI and ESG issues, and their translation needs are growing," explains Olivier Debeugny, CEO of Lingua Custodia. "The subject is particularly complex in the sense that we have to work on a vast lexical field. The launch of this first automatic translation engine, highly specialised in ESG, successfully meets this challenge and is therefore a real asset for financial players, particularly in the context of the entry into force of the SFDR regulation, which imposes new rules on transparency. Our clients thus have access to an engine capable of processing ESG content of all kinds in the most relevant way possible."

Since the beginning of the year, its teams have been working on a prototype that compares the vocabulary, in English, of two documents according to the Global Reporting Initiative reference glossaries.

Fed with SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) and ESG data from multiple information sources, this first ESG engine allows for 100% automatic translation, from French to English and from English to French, on Verto, Lingua Custodia's web platform that brings together all their specialised finance engines.

The tool can be accessed directly as software on the Lingua Custodia platform or as an API for the benefit of existing industry platforms.

The fintech hosted at Lhoft works in nine languages on the other types of documents (English, German, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch and Portuguese) and is therefore expected to extend ESG translation to other language combinations soon.