Fruit picking

Follow the yellow ribbon for free food

Soon you won’t have to own land to go fruit picking in Luxembourg Shutterstock

Soon you won’t have to own land to go fruit picking in Luxembourg Shutterstock

Owners of fruit trees with more fruit than they can pick are encouraged to tie on a yellow ribbon, to indicate that picking is permitted.

The “Gielt Band—hei diert dir plécken” (gold ribbon, you can pick here) campaign aims to reduce the estimated 500 kilos of unpicked fruit left to rot in orchards every year.

Coordinated by the agricultural ministry with the communes federation Syvicol, the campaign is to be launched in September and the concept is in line with a national strategy to reduce waste and encourage sustainable consumption.

In the first stage, the project will focus on fruit trees on land owned by communes, but private landowners are also welcome to take part.  

 On the platform, the ministry will soon publish a geographical map indicating the communes joining this action. The platform will also provide pointers on how to pick fruit while remaining respectful to nature.

Minister of agriculture, viticulture and rural development Romain Schneider (LSAP) will place the “Gielt Band” campaign at the centre of the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Wastage on 29 September.