François Mousel unveils PwC’s new country leadership team

The new team will take office on 1 July. But the transition from the team set up by John Parkhouse four years ago is underway. Photo: Olivier Toussaint/PwC

The new team will take office on 1 July. But the transition from the team set up by John Parkhouse four years ago is underway. Photo: Olivier Toussaint/PwC

François Mousel will be the new managing partner of PwC Luxembourg as of 1 July. He has just unveiled the names of his direct collaborators who will form the new country leadership team--there are many new faces in the team.

PwC’s country leadership team is the team of direct reports to the managing partner, who will be François MouselFrançois Mousel from 1 July. The choices made are always eagerly awaited, and are full of indications as to the direction the firm will take in the years to come and the priorities it will set.

He has just unveiled the men and women who will make up the cabinet. And it is clear that he has chosen the path of change.

François GénauxFrançois Génaux will remain as advisory leader of the current management team. But there will also be Olivier CarréOlivier Carré. The latter was financial services leader, and therefore a key figure in PwC Luxembourg. He will be even more so by taking on the role of technology & transformation leader, but above all deputy managing partner, thus the official No. 2 of the Big Four firm.

“Having a Technology & Transformation leader gives recognition to the broad shift that is occurring in our service delivery, the wider technology adoption, and the increasing expectations and needs in terms of managed services,” comments PwC.

Mousel, who was clients & markets leader, has handed over this department to Cécile Liégeois, a pillar of the firm and obviously one of his staunch supporters.

The change continues. Vincent LebrunVincent Lebrun has taken over from Gérard CopsGérard Cops as tax leader.

Björn Ebert will occupy the strategic position of financial services leader vacated by Olivier Carré. Roxane Haas will be the People leader. “The People dimension is recognised as a challenging topic in the Luxembourg market. This dimension is critical to support the ambitious evolution of the business planned over the next four years and beyond, specifically amidst the challenges in recruitment and retention as well as the evolution of our service delivery by capacity located outside Luxembourg,” PwC underlines.

Rima AdasRima Adas--who had long been considered as a possible managing partner--and Anne-Sophie Preud’homme Anne-Sophie Preud’homme are no longer part of the new team. The same applies to Marie-Elisa Roussel-AlendaMarie-Elisa Roussel-Alenda, who has been replaced by Isabelle Dauvergne as assurance leader.

“It’s a well diversified team in terms of age, gender, nationality and business background. These new leaders stand fully behind our common vision to become the most impactful, dynamic and trusted partnership for our clients and all our stakeholders, in Luxembourg and beyond its borders. This means first and foremost that we remain a leader and role model in our key markets and continue attracting and building the resources and expertise to support that ambition. We are firmly on a growth trajectory and I have full confidence in my CLT members that they will serve, through their energy, commitment, skills and values, our partnership, while we are moving through the next step of our Firm’s evolution,” explained Mousel in the press release.

This story was first published in French on Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano.