“We count, because you count”: Census to launch in November

The 2021 census will be carried out between 8 November and 5 December. Photo: Shutterstock

The 2021 census will be carried out between 8 November and 5 December. Photo: Shutterstock

The official recount of the population, done once every ten years, will be conducted by Statec in collaboration with Guichet.lu and city and municipal administrations.

The census, which will be carried out between 8 November and 5 December 2021, aims to collect a comprehensive set of socio-economic data.

“The decennial census is a unique and unparalleled source of data through which Statec can collect detailed information on households directly, which is not available through the usual sample surveys, and which forms the basis for many studies and projections. The data collected also explores issues such as language use, mobility patterns or more specific situations such as disability,” said Serge Allegrezza, director of Luxembourg’s statistics bureau Statec.

The data collected via the population census supports the government's policy decisions, for example on planning for land use, schools, nurseries, hospitals, nursing homes, housing and others.

“The participation of all citizens in the census is essential, because it allows them to weigh their particular situation in a differentiated portrait of the country and thus to contribute to building the Luxembourg of tomorrow,” said Economy minister Franz Fayot. “This is what the slogan of the 2021 census highlights: ‘We count, because you count!’”

The census questionnaire--carried out in collaboration with the Centre for State Information Technology--will be available online at Guichet.lu. However, this option will only be accessible until 28 November. A paper version of the survey will also be made available. Municipalities will contact households that did not participate in the online census in order to provide them with the questionnaire. In both cases participants will be able to choose among Luxembourgish, French, German, English and Portuguese.

All answers provided in the census will be strictly confidential and the survey will be carried out in compliance with the current health regulations.