Full house for the Klimapakt fir Betriber 

On 10 January, the Chambre des Métiers hosted a conference on the newly launched Klimapakt fir Betriber.

CEOs and leaders of public institutions and private companies met at the trades chamber to look at the platform set up by the Luxembourg government, the Klima-Agence and Luxinnovation. 

The Klimapakt fir Betriber aims to help local companies reduce their environmental impact by providing them with centralised information on the different climate-positive subsidies and collaborators that exist in the country. 

The launch of the initiative by the ministers Franz FayotFranz Fayot (LSAP), Lex DellesLex Delles (DP), Claude TurmesClaude Turmes (déi Gréng) and Joëlle WelfringJoëlle Welfring (déi Gréng)--who represent the ministries of economy, SMEs, energy and the environment respectively--was followed by an introduction by Luxinnovation CEO Sasha BaillieSasha Baillie and Klima-Agence director Fenn Faber. Workshops on implementing sustainable changes within companies followed the presentation.