Genaveh and Nïce sign a gourmet partnership

Both chocolate recipes are available in 165ml tubs from Nïce in Belair and Genaveh in the Ville Haute district. Photo: Romain Gamba/Maison Moderne

Both chocolate recipes are available in 165ml tubs from Nïce in Belair and Genaveh in the Ville Haute district. Photo: Romain Gamba/Maison Moderne

Too hot for pralines? Luxembourg chocolatier Genaveh has found the solution by teaming up with Italian ice cream maker Nïce to create summery recipes that are resolutely in tune with the times. Check it out!

Shortly after celebrating its second birthy, Belair ice cream parlour Nïce introduced a whole new range of ice creams for the summer of 2023. On the menu are two recipes developed in collaboration with Genaveh, an artisan chocolate maker, which are sure to delight gourmets!

Firstly, the two companies have developed an ice cream with a milk chocolate and Piedmont hazelnut spread. This spread, a best-seller from the Steinfort chocolate factory, can now be enjoyed not only on toast but also in ice cream. On the palate, the hazelnut flavour is pleasant and light, while the cream remains discreet. This delicious preparation should appeal to many chocolate lovers.

The second recipe is a vegan Peruvian dark chocolate sorbet. Its light texture will appeal to many palates, especially during the hot summer months when it provides a good dose of freshness.

Nïce introduces tubs of takeaway ice cream

These two preparations are sold in both stores and, one innovation leading to another, Nïce is now offering its ice cream and sorbet recipes in 165ml tubs (for small appetites) and 500ml tubs (for larger ones).

And for ice cream and sorbet lovers, Nïce's classic flavours are also on sale in takeaway tubs, or can be enjoyed on the terrace of Genaveh chocolatier. Two bestsellers of the moment are on offer every week, making for a refreshingly indulgent summer!

Genaveh: 1 rue Philippe II, L-2340 Luxembourg-Centre Nïce: 128, avenue du X Septembre, L-2550 Luxembourg-Belair

This article was originally published in Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano.