17 April

Geopolitical tsunami the focus of Economy Day

Professor André Sapir was a guest at Jecolux in 2019 and delivered a fascinating analysis. Photo: LaLa La Photo, Keven Erickson, Krystyna Dul/Archives

Professor André Sapir was a guest at Jecolux in 2019 and delivered a fascinating analysis. Photo: LaLa La Photo, Keven Erickson, Krystyna Dul/Archives

The Economy Day organised by the Chamber of Commerce, Fedil, the ministry of the economy in collaboration of PwC will take place on 17 April. Geopolitical storms and economic resilience will be at the heart of the discussions.

Registration is now open for the much-anticipated Economy Day on Monday 17 April at the Chamber of Commerce. The event is organised by the Chamber of Commerce, Fedil and the ministry of economy in collaboration with PwC.

This year’s theme is: “The current geopolitical tsunami. How can the economies of Luxembourg and Europe remain stable and secure?”

It was noted that there has been one crisis after another in recent years and that all the rules are being broken. Terms such as “pandemic,” “war” and “recession” are reminiscent of the 20th century, but also reflect today’s reality. In 2023, all over the world, we are exposed to their consequences, whether it is inflation, rising interest rates, falling purchasing power, the energy crisis, climate crises or social upheaval. These issues are therefore of concern to everyone, regardless of their personal and professional situation, as well as to organisations, businesses and governments.

The discussions on this Economy Day will attempt to provide answers to some of the questions, such as:

- At a time when Europe and Luxembourg are going through a geopolitical tsunami, how can we ensure the stability and serenity of our economies while respecting our values?

- What levers can--and should--be used by governments and companies today and in the near future?

- How should Luxembourg prepare to ensure the sustainability of its economy?

- What are the roles and responsibilities of the European Union in this context?

Speakers will include Franz FayotFranz Fayot (LSAP), minister of eonomy, as well as François Heisbourg, senior advisor at the Institute for Strategic Research, Augustin Landier, professor at HEC Paris and author of the book “Le prix de nos valeurs,” and André Sapir, professor of economics at the Solvau Business School. The full list of speakers can be found here and the programme of the day here.

This story was first published in French on Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano.