Georges Rassel joins ING as independent director

The former managing director of Paul Wurth has joined the board of directors of ING Luxembourg. Photo: Matic Zorman/Maison Moderne/archives

The former managing director of Paul Wurth has joined the board of directors of ING Luxembourg. Photo: Matic Zorman/Maison Moderne/archives

ING has announced that Georges Rassel has joined its board of directors as an independent non-executive director.

Georges RasselGeorges Rassel is adding a new mandate to his list. ING Luxembourg announced on 26 May that it has appointed him as an independent non-executive director. The appointment has been approved by the supervisory authorities.

After managing Paul Wurth for eight years, Rassel was replaced at the head of the industrial company in January 2023. He focuses on initiatives and projects relating to environmentally friendly fuels, as well as cooperation with the Paul Wurth Chair at the University of Luxembourg.

The 58-year-old also sits on the boards of Luxembourg’s business federation Fedil and Peintures Robin.

“It’s an exciting mandate,” he says of his role at ING, “in which I’ll be bringing an outside perspective to a company that has undergone substantial change and innovation with the rise of automation and digitalisation. I look forward to becoming an ambassador and representative for ING locally and globally.”

Michael BurchMichael Burch, CEO of ING Luxembourg, praised Rassel’s extensive industry experience and network, as well as his “strong reputation in the local market.”

Rassel joins the bank’s other non-executive directors in Luxembourg: Peter Adams, Anne Canel, Hans de Munch and Kars Jan Wolters. Michael BurchMichael Burch is chief executive officer, Guy Beniada vice-chairman and Peter VanderkerckhovePeter Vanderkerckhove chairman of the board.

This story was first published in French on Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano.