Gernsback car park tariff to triple on 1 February

From 1 February, the flat rate for the Gernsback car park in Kirchberg will rise from €5 to €15 per day. (Photo: Fonds Kirchberg)

From 1 February, the flat rate for the Gernsback car park in Kirchberg will rise from €5 to €15 per day. (Photo: Fonds Kirchberg)

Bad news for users of the Gernsback car park in Kirchberg. The price per day will triple from 1 February to make the space financially viable, the owner has confirmed.

From 1 February, the flat rate for the Gernsback car park in Kirchberg, near the Serra roundabout and the tram’s Luxexpo stop, will increase from €5 to €15 per day. 

Since its opening in May 2021, users of this 595-space car park have been paying €1.40 per hour for the first four hours of parking or a flat rate of €5 from the fifth hour onwards, with a maximum duration of 24 hours. If you do a quick calculation, a user who leaves their car during a working day will have to pay €300 over the 20 working days of February, compared to €100 with the previous rate of €5.

However, a monthly subscription reduces the bill by €50.

“This decision was taken in consultation with Indigo, which operates the car park. It is justified by the need to make the operation of the car park financially viable,” explains the Fonds Kirchberg, owner of the premises. While it understands the users’ astonishment, the group said that “the rate remains attractive compared to other covered and supervised car parks in the vicinity.”

The Gernsback car park is not a P+R like the one in Bouillon or Howald, it said. “The Fonds Kirchberg is not a public body that operates thanks to taxpayers and our vocation is not to offer free parking in Kirchberg. Moreover, we must also be able to finance ourselves in order to continue to work on the Kirchberg plateau,” a spokesperson said.

Between €5 and 28.8 for 10 hours of parking

If we take a quick look at the other car parks on the Kirchberg plateau, despite increase the Gernsback ranks among the least expensive car parks.

The nearest alternative is the 700 spaces in the Luxexpo The Box car park. Also operated by the company Indigo,  drivers pay €35 for 24 hours or €3 per hour after the third hour. The Adenauer car park (281 spaces) is a little more affordable and can be found for 50 cents per hour. This means that the user can get by for €5 a day for ten hours of parking. However, the car park is not guarded and is not covered.

A little further on, the Coque offers 188 spaces at €2 per hour after the fourth hour. For ten hours of parking, one must therefore fork out more than €20 (the first three hours cost €3.50 per hour). Still in Kirchberg, the Place de l'Europe car park charges 80 cents per hour, i.e. €16.80 for ten hours. The same rate applies to the Trois Glands car park.

Leaving the Kirchberg plateau, the Glacis offers 1,007 spaces in its optimal configuration for €1 per hour. But here again, the car park is not supervised and is not covered.

In the city centre, you have to pay 80 cents per hour for one of the 340 spaces in the Monterey car park (i.e. €26.80 for ten hours of parking). €28.80 for a day's parking at the Royal-Hamilius.

Finally, in the station area, the Fort Neipperg car park charges €2 for the first hour and €24.60 for 10 hours. A little further on, the Rocade car park charges 80 cents per hour. The Gare car park charges €1 per hour from 7am to 7pm. You can therefore get away with €10 for ten hours of parking.

The slightly off-centre Bouillon, Howald and Kockelscheuer P+Rs offer free parking up to the 25th hour. After that, the user has to pay €10 per hour.