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Cyril Lamorlette,founding partner of the group Picture: Edouard Olszewski

Cyril Lamorlette,founding partner of the group Picture: Edouard Olszewski

The world of professional services is one of the last strongholds not to be totally transformed by the digital revolution. However, this looks set to change with the arrival of PARTNRS onto the scene. By moving away from traditional patterns, the newcomer is asserting a disruptive approach towards the sector. We chatted to Cyril Lamorlette, founding partner of the group.

The economy is currently experiencing a profound shift of paradigm. Almost every business sector has undergone a dramatic change thanks to digitalisation. Events linked to the current health crisis have only accelerated this trend, and if businesses want to survive, they must embark on a journey towards full recovery.

“Our mission is to help our clients to remain one step ahead in a constantly shifting environment. To achieve this, we ourselves must be one step ahead of change, be that technological or regulatory change,” explains Cyril Lamorlette. It’s clear that having a stable partner by your side, one with innovative tools and solid expertise on issues relating to regulatory and compliance matters, is crucial for a successful transformation.

PARTNRS is a new type of professional services company. A group of experienced entrepreneurs teamed up to launch the group at the beginning of 2021, receiving guidance from well-known figures from the Luxembourg professional services environment. The group has three main business lines, and is affiliated to a think tank dedicated to innovation (see insert opposite), a set-up which signals a departure in the way this type of group views and delivers its services. “We champion an alternative mindset, one with a modern and disruptive vision. The status quo is no longer and if businesses want to survive, they must embark on a journey towards full recovery. “Our mission is to help our clients to remain one step ahead in a constantly shifting environment. To achieve this, we ourselves must be one step an option,” asserts Cyril Lamorlette, before adding: “Our size, governance and structure offer real flexibility and reactivity that traditional industry players can no longer deliver.”

To achieve this, PARTNRS has adopted an approach that brings together three often considered watertight concepts: the nature of the job and the challenges involved, the regulatory dimension – which is crucial – and finally the technological environment. “Innovation and the new digital tools we offer are the key elements that complete our range of services,” details the founder. For example, the group has adopted a document dematerialisation service and smart process management, integrating DeMaSy ERP software and databots, not forgetting, of course, electronic signature. Furthermore, it also has an artificial intelligence platform dedicated to risk management and compliance, developed in partnership with Delta RM, a leading software and computing services company based in Paris. PARTNRS is also creating and implementing cutting-edge tools in collaboration with many other partners, such as Luxtrust, Officient, TeamMate or Teroco. The company’s groundbreaking positioning determines the types of clients it attracts. “Whatever their size or area of activity, what connects our clients is that they share our new mindset: the desire to do things differently and based on a relationship of trust. They come to us so together we can build their success story,” explains Cyril Lamorlette. Indeed, PARTNRS currently has a wide range of clients, from European banking groups to startups from Luxembourg’s LHoFT, plus private equity funds, an automotive supplier and even private entrepreneurs.

The company’s 3 key values

1 – “Always challenge the status quo”

PARTNRS wants to be a game changer. We stand up for our convictions, even if it means sparking controversy very often, this is what triggers the start of successful idea sharing.

2 – “More digital must go hand in hand with more human and more meaning too”

Despite the benefits of digital applications, the human aspect remains at the centre. Technology must give meaning to projects.

3 – “We expect our customers to be demanding”

All of the company’s employees are highly skilled, experienced professionals. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge and expertise, we can respond to even our clients’ most particular requests.

360° expertise

Although these areas of professional services activity are a given, the difference lies in their implementation. Let’s revisit the classics, PARTNRS style.

360° expertise PARTNRS

360° expertise PARTNRS

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