Getting to know the principles of good insurance

Getting to know the principles of good insurance LALUX

Getting to know the principles of good insurance LALUX

You recently moved to Luxembourg? A hearty welcome! Now it’s time to think about the insurance related administrative procedures. Before choosing your future insurer, it may be useful to know the specificities of your new country of residence. Here are the main ones.

To begin with, in Luxembourg, only motor-vehicle civil liability insurance is compulsory. But other insurances will be very useful to you, in particular:

·       Home insurance, which in any case is required by the owner in case of rental

·       CACSO, or all-risks, which covers damages to your vehicle

·       Family civil liability, generally offered with home insurance

You should also be aware that service is one of the main differences compared to your country of origin. Indeed, in Luxembourg, your insurance agent will be much closer to you. Here, they will be at your side, advise you and accompany you when you need it. That is, not just to sell you insurance, but especially in the event of a claim. He will always be by your side.

At first sight, premiums may seem higher. But there are good reasons! Indeed, in Luxembourg, the deductibles are rather exceptional, claims are better compensated and paid very quickly. So, there is no stress with a Luxembourg insurance.

Finally, in terms of health insurance, even though Luxembourg has one of the best health-care systems in the world, some medical services and products are not fully reimbursed, most notably dental, and optical care. It is therefore important to take out supplementary health insurance. In Luxembourg, you are free to choose the one that suits you. Discover the comprehensive coverage EASY HEALTH from DKV Luxembourg, member of the LALUX Group.

If you wish to be helped in your insurance procedures, contact LALUX, we will introduce you to an agent who speaks your language and is close to you.

Enjoy your stay in Luxembourg!

Who is LALUX ? Founded in 1920, LALUX was the very first Luxembourg insurance company active in the Grand Duchy. Today, its entities LALUX, LALUX-VIE, APROBAT and DKV Luxembourg are among the leaders of the Luxembourg insurance market. Both internal and external studies regularly confirm the quality of service as well as the customer experience with LALUX. In fact, 98% of customers claim to be satisfied with the management of their claim. LALUX not only has more than 100 years of experience but has also the densest network of agents in the country. LALUX is your trusted partner for non-life, life, complementary health, and construction insurance.  

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