Luxembourg Internet Days 2022

Grand duchy gets its own messaging service and e-wallet app

Marc Hansen delivers his speech at Luxembourg Internet Days on 16 November. LU-CIX / Emmanuel Claude

Marc Hansen delivers his speech at Luxembourg Internet Days on 16 November. LU-CIX / Emmanuel Claude

Minister for digitalisation Marc Hansen on Wednesday unveiled plans for the launch in the coming months of a new instant messaging service called Luxchat.

The Luxchat application, developed and hosted entirely in Luxembourg, is the result of the digitalisation ministry’s desire to provide secure professional communications within the public sector. It was built on a proven open-source standard and operates on a redundant and secure infrastructure located in Luxembourg.

The instant messaging service, which has several security advantages, will be launched in the coming months. Initially it will be solely available to civil servants. But the ministry has joined forces with LU-CIX ASBL and the Chamber of Commerce to also later launch a public version available to all residents.

During his speech at Luxembourg Internet Days 2022 Hansen also said that the Luxembourg state’s electronic wallet will also be launched soon. The e-wallet will initially carry digital versions of identity cards and driver’s licenses.