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La Grange d’Hélène: magical nights in the wild

This summer, Paperjam is exploring some of the more unusual accommodations in or near Luxembourg. This Monday, we’re off to the south of the Moselle, to Siersthal, for nights like no other.

Although located in the Moselle, the village of Siersthal is part of the Vosges du Nord regional nature park, a region between Metz and Strasbourg known for its abundant forests.

This is where you will find La Grange d’Hélène, a house that was inherited by Patricia Schneider, who has lived there for 22 years now. She is none other than the granddaughter of the famous Hélène, who gave her name to an estate that now boasts 800m² of living space.

Three unusual accommodations

“We have a large property, but I’m unable to give you the total surface area,” says a smiling Patricia. For the last six years, she has been running her family home as a bed and breakfast. “This was not at all planned at the beginning. My husband, who was working abroad at the time, got fed up one day. We asked ourselves what we were going to do for a living and a friend of mine suggested that we start a bed and breakfast. It was the beginning of a great adventure.”

This great adventure includes five guest rooms as well as, notably, three unusual accommodations. “These are doing more than well,” says Patricia with a laugh.

With their transparent “walls” and location on the edge of the forest, the accommodations offer an experience much sought after by holidaymakers or anyone who wants to get away from it all: the impression of living in the middle of nature while enjoying the comfort of a modern room.

The “dome”  Photo: La Grange d’Hélène

The “dome”  Photo: La Grange d’Hélène

“We first introduced the ‘bubble’ back in 2015. It’s made of soft plastic and inflated with air, located on a terrace on stilts, and surrounded by pine trees. This gives the impression of sleeping in the middle of the forest,” says Patricia.

Even more magical in winter

“We also have the ‘glass room’, which is a kind of garden greenhouse. It has an unobstructed view that gives you the impression of sleeping under the stars. And then there’s the ‘dome’, which will be a year old this October. It looks a bit like the bubble, but is made of rigid plastic. It’s a bit further away from the house than the ‘bubble’ and the ‘glass room’, which gives it the impression of being alone in the world in nature.

It should be noted that these three unusual rooms have, of course, their own bathrooms in one of the estate’s permanent dwellings.

In winter, nature reveals a completely different charm  Photo: La Grange d’Hélène

In winter, nature reveals a completely different charm  Photo: La Grange d’Hélène

The three accommodations are obviously very popular in the summer, but also in the winter.

“It’s even, in my opinion, the most magical time of the year,” says another of the owners. “In the summer, you have the birds that can wake you up as early as 4:00 or 4:30 in the morning. But during the cold season, there is a silence like no other! And you open your eyes in the morning to a pristine white nature when it has snowed. Or a beautiful icy landscape.” It’s the kind of image you don’t forget.

In winter, temperatures inside the “bubble”, the “glass room” and the “dome” are much colder, true. “We provide a mattress warmer, a small heater, a double duvet…”

In terms of price, we’re talking about €150 per night for two people, including breakfast and access to the jacuzzi and swimming pool. The rate goes down from the second night onwards.

Spend a few magical nights…

This article was originally published in Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano. Visit the hotel website for more information.