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Guillaume Vanoutryve, Content Strategist

Guillaume Vanoutryve, Senior Content Strategist at the Brand Studio of Maison Moderne. (Photo : Maison Moderne)

Guillaume Vanoutryve, Senior Content Strategist at the Brand Studio of Maison Moderne. (Photo : Maison Moderne)

After 8 years in communication agency, Guillaume joined the newborn Maison Moderne Brand Studio in 2013. After several epic closures, he now focuses all his efforts on the strategic support of the Brand Studio’s clients.

For you, what is a “good client”?

Guillaume VanoutryveGuillaume Vanoutryve: Well, I would logically answer that there are no bad clients… But to answer the question a little, I would say that the clients with whom the most beautiful projects are born, and last, are those with whom a true climate of co-creation is established. This implies a lot of dialogue, transparency, understanding and, of course, a long-term strategic vision. This often leads to out-of-the-box projects, whose successes we are proud to share.

What advice do you like to give to your clients?

In these more difficult times, when resources allocated to communication can sometimes be stretched, the advice that comes up most regularly is to step up efforts both on the quality and relevance of your communication. Take the time to understand your targets expectations and needs, as well as the current context and challenges... and on this basis, provide real added value!

There are ads that leave a lasting impression. What is the ad that you will not forget?

At the last Native Advertising Days, which took place in Copenhagen last June, I had the opportunity to discover the documentary “Turning Tides” made by BBC StoryWorks (the BBC’s content studio) which literally blew me away. For me, everything about it is right: from the story it tells, to the emotion it conveys, to the way they associate the brand with it. I couldn’t tell you more without spoiling the pleasure of the discovery…

In Luxembourg, I am also very admirative of the whole “MyLife system” of BIL (and I have the right to say it because I did not work on it…).