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Health insurer to reimburse psychotherapy from next month

D'Gesondheetskeess is Luxembourg’s national health fund. Christophe Lemaire/Maison Moderne

D'Gesondheetskeess is Luxembourg’s national health fund. Christophe Lemaire/Maison Moderne

Luxembourg’s national health fund, the CNS, from 1 February will reimburse patients for psychotherapy sessions after long negotiations between professional associations and the public insurance provider.

After years of talks between the CNS and professional association Fapsylux, both sides in December 2022 finally agreed on a fee of €144 for therapy sessions of 50 to 60 minutes. Fapsylux had previously suggested a price of €175 per hour while the CNS had lobbied for €120.

The cabinet under prime minister Xavier BettelXavier Bettel (DP) during a meeting on Tuesday approved regulation that will allow reimbursement to begin on 1 February 2023.

“After years of negotiations, I’m happy that insured persons can finally benefit from the reimbursement of psychotherapy session,” social security minister Claude HaagenClaude Haagen (LSAP) said in a statement.

At the end of last year, the CNS added three codes for psychotherapists to use on invoices--for an initial session, support session and prolonged treatment.

Psychologists must register with the CNS as a service provider for patients to claim the money back, and it is worth checking ahead of an appointment whether a therapist has done this.

The CNS is also making available an invoicing form to psychotherapists, which will speed up reimbursement procedures, allowing the form to be read by machine rather than requiring manual processing.